We offer wide range of company registration services to assist you to incorporate and manage your entities. Neither citizenship, nor Armenian residency are required for the Armenian company registration.

Limited liability companies

A limited liability company is a company whose shareholder's liability is ‘limited by shares’.

Limited by shares

Limited by shares companies are usually businesses that make a profit. This means the company:

  • is legally separate from the people who run it

  • has separate finances from your personal ones

  • has shares and shareholders

  • can keep any profits it makes after paying tax

Before you start the incorporation process, you’ll need:

  • a name for the company

  • an address for the company - this can be any Armenian address

  • at least one director - this person does not need to be an Armenian resident

  • at least one shareholder - this can be an individual or another company


It’s not a legal requirement to have a director or shareholder resident in the Armenia to set up an Armenian company.

Required documents:

In order to register a legal entity, you need to submit

1. an application

2. decision on establishment of a company signed by a sole founder or

    minutes of the founding meeting signed by all founders or in cases provided by law signed by the chairman and the secretary of the meeting.

3. the charter of the company approved by the founder (founders) or the founding meeting (assembly or other body in cases provided by law)

4. information about the head of the executive body or interim officer-in-charge: passport details and public services number or a note on the person’s refusal of the public services number and the number of the respective reference, e-mail address.

5. declaration of beneficial owner(s)

If the founder of the company is a foreign natural person then the copy of the given person’s passport or other identity document shall be submitted in a translated and notary certified form.

If the founder of the company is a foreign legal entity then an excerpt from the trade register of the given country or other equivalent document approving/certifying the legal status of the entity and its constitutional documents (or respective excerpts) shall be submitted in a translated and notary certified form.

No government fee is required.